UT Austin COVID-19 Dashboard

September 25, 2020

An additional 64 cases have been added to the dashboard retroactively. These include self-reported cases and cases sent to us by Austin Public Health of UT community members who were tested off-campus. For reasons noted below, there is often a lag in self-reported cases and cases tested off campus being published on our dashboard. Often, reports of these cases are missing key details and it can take time to confirm necessary data points. 

Why are cases added retrospectively?

Multiple data sources feed into our dashboard and we update the dashboard nightly. So there are times when we must retroactively add cases to a previous date due to a gap between when the test results were reported and when the data was shared with us. For example, a student or employee may self-report their positive case to us, but the results were reported to that individual and Austin Public Health several days prior. Reporting the data by the date on which the results were confirmed provides a more accurate reflection of infections than if we were to report by the date on which the university learned about the confirmed case.

UT Austin Student and Faculty/Staff New COVID-19 Cases per Day

This section displays new positive cases per day as indicated by positive results of tests conducted in University Health Services (UHS) and UT Health Austin (UTHA) clinics, clinically confirmed positive results of proactive community testing at UT Austin, and positive test results reported to UHS, UT’s Occupational Health Program (OHP), and Austin Public Health (APH) for students, faculty, and staff tested at facilities other than UHS or UTHA.

UT Austin Student, Faculty, and Staff Proactive Community Testing

This section displays negative and clinically confirmed positive results of proactive community testing conducted on the UT campus. The pie chart shows an aggregate summary of all proactive community testing conducted to date and the table includes test results and total tests conducted each week.

Travis County New COVID-19 Cases per Day and Austin Metro Area Hospitalizations

This section displays selected data points drawn from the Austin Public Health (APH) Travis County COVID-19 Digital Tracking Dashboard, including new cases in Travis county per day and the number of individuals currently hospitalized in the Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area (Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson Counties).

The UT COVID-19 Test Results Dashboard is the result of collaborative efforts by UHS, OHP, UTHA, Dell Medical School, and APH. Data reflects all test results confirmed or reported as of the time stamp shown at the bottom of the dashboard.